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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How do you and your boyfriend/hubby like to sleep together?

As you probably already know my husband and I have 3 little boys.  At some point during the night 1 or all the boys end up in the bed with us.  Our youngest is in between us right now. Since we cant cuddle like we used to before kids, we have gotton into the habit of going to sleep with our legs touching or on top of each other. We now like to sleep like this even when we have the bed to ourselves. I thought this was just our unique way of sleeping but according to experts sleeping in the leg loop means that we have a comfortable connection. Click on the second link to see what your sleep style means. What is your favorite sleep position with your partner?

By the way, we are in the bed right now and my husband just told me he needs my leg. Isn't this sweet.

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