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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bored Out Of My Freakin Mind!

As a wife, mother and career woman I usually never have any quiet time to myself.  I have 3 little boys between the ages 1 and 5.  We were all supposed to go out today but since our 1 year old has a cold, my hubby took our 2 older boys to the movies to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I thought I was going to enjoy this time "almost" to myself. The baby is still here but I timed his nap so that he goes to sleep while they are at the movies. So the baby is asleep and everyone else is gone. I should be in heaven right now but guess what, I am sooooo freaking bored! OH MY GOODNESS! I am sleepy but can't go to sleep. I already know that as soon as I fall asleep my baby is going to wake up.  What's worse is that I am sick of the Internet! LOL. I can't believe I'm saying that. LOL. What's ironic is that while I claim to be tired of the Internet I am writing this blog.  I never thought I would miss hearing the word "mommy" 1,000 times in 5 minutes. LOL. I guess I'm going log off and continue to watch more reruns of  "The Big Bang Theory".  Oh wait.....I hear the baby starting to wake up.  I have something to occupy my time now. LOL.


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    Looking forward to more reading!!

  2. Your seriously need a hobby..

    Cross Stitch
    Maybe a penpal?

    Find something that makes you happy other than your kids :) You'll feel much better as a person knowing you have accomplished something other than temper tantrums.. LOL!

    Love your blog too.. Mel

  3. lol. melissa you are so right. i do need a hobby. the only hobby i have is reading. i dont even have time for friends. i do have friends at work but it stays at work. i dont think i have any more emotional energy to give to any other type of relationship. hmmm.... this sounds like a good topic for a future blog. i do love puzzles and used to do them. i think i will give them another shot. thanks for the advice.

  4. Ha ha! I guess my drive to read/write saves me from too much boredom -- seriously, I'm such a nerd -- its practically all I do when I'm not tending to my son or taking care of things around the house. Wait, I do research, but again that falls in the nerd category :-D Praying that God gives you something outside of family to be passionate about!

  5. lol nice comment gwendolyn. i can relate to being a nerd. my hubby calls me a hot geek. lol. i am a sr. analyst and spend most of my day writing programming code. i love to read and research too. my hubby always jokes that i will research anything and everything under the sun. i just love to learn. melissa suggested i get a penpal. That's actually not a bad idea. Well maybe I will start setting up some time to go out with one of my friends from work every once in awhile.

  6. Your post always make me laugh. What a dilemma you had, so funny.