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Monday, January 16, 2012

To Kindle Or Not To Kindle?

To kindle or not to kindle is the question I am trying to answer. I love to read but I am kinda old fashion when it comes to reading.  I like to have the actual book and like to go to the bookstore and browse through the books.  There is a used bookstore by my house but the selection is very limited.  Since I don't have very much time to do this anymore because of our work schedules, I've been buying books from Amazon. The problem is that I can finish a good size book in a day or two.  I could order more than 2 books at a time but it can get kind of expensive.  My husband suggested I get a Kindle. I looked up the pros and cons of getting a Kindle but want to hear first hand from you ladies if you prefer to read via a actual book or via a Kindle.


  1. I have personally never heard of Kindle. But I do love I have made a lot of friends on that site, they're are a lot of online bookclubs depending on what books you like to read and you can read and leave book reviews :) I love jumping on there. You dont even need a bookmark in your book, you can mark the page on your profile and keep your friends up to date what your thinking throughout. I think they also have book swaps too..

    Goodluck with finding out about Kindle, sorry I couldn't be of more help..


  2. I am old fashioned as well. I prefer to have an actual book but lately Ive been wondering this same thing..should I invest in a Kindle?? But only because I have all these books and no where to put them..I had a dream of one day having a library of my own but with two kids I think this wont be possible until they are old enough to move out. So do you buy a kindle or not????
    By the way I gave you an award HERE. on my blog

  3. We are totally the same when it comes to books! haha. It takes me WEEKS or even MONTHS just to finish a book. At the same time, I can't imagine having a Kindle just yet. I love the feel of a book!

  4. i love a book. There is just something special about opening a book and reading it that you can't get from a least in my opinion.